Trend Alert: Monochromatic Color Scheme

As a recent street style has occurred, I was completely inspired to create two sets of outfits displaying this trend. I personally love how this way of styling pieces looks and though it may be some of your favorites it can be quite difficult for it to look the “right way”. Before I get into the tips on how to wear this trend, I advise you to wear whatever you desire without the fear of judgement from others! If you enjoy the way an outfit looks then wear it, what others think about it or you doesn’t matter at all. Now that I am finished with my tiny rant lol, if you are interested in trying out this chic looking trend I have a couple of tips and tricks you can follow to make it look “blog-worthy”.


  1. Shades: you can rock this look by using different shades of the color of your choosing. In my grey example, I used different shades of grey to break up the outfit so it wasn’t one big glob of grey.
  2. Texture: by the use of different textures it can also help to break up the outfit and differentiate the pieces from another. In my black example, I used a furry textured sweater to bring out the shirt from under the coat.
  3. Accessories: adding the same colored accessories can make or break the outfit and can be your fashion statement as well. But again, making sure there is different shades used throughout the outfit.
  4. Balance: to also help to break up the outfit using the style of balance can really help. Now, for those of you who don’t know what balance is or how to balance an outfit, I’ll explain in an example: lets say you wear a really over sized item, to balance that out, wear a tight garment either underneath or over and vice versa. In my grey example, I have displayed this with an over sized coat to go over the tights, shorts, and cropped sweater.


And there it is, I hope you take some things from this if you want to try this new chic trend. If you end up trying this out please feel free to send me pictures of your outfits so we can rave about it, my social media links should be connected to my blog! Happy styling lovebugs<3


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